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Patients and their families have a really hard time trying to find the truly relevant healthcare opportunities, namely the type of experts, diagnostic examinations, and therapies associated with their specific medical conditions. Patients and families face serious problems when looking for help: poor communication, the gratitude money system, the long waiting lists, and hair- raising diversity in service names, prices, availabilities in private medical institutions.

To address these problems, we carefully gathered and processed an enormous amount of data to offer every patient a fully personalized medical report as an itinerary, a reliable navigator in the ocean of medical and not-so-medical service offers. Click HERE to learn more about how our help exactly looks like.

With this initiative, our mission of providing patients and their families opportunities to live longer and higher-quality lives by helping them find their truly relevant information on diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities – and help them to find the most fitting solutions among them in terms of costs, localization, invasivity and hospitalization needs. We believe that saving time, money and agonizing uncertainty for the users will have a real positive effect on their lives. Check out our personalized services here.

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