Why to join?

First of all - thank you for considering participating in our pilot study! By trying our services and giving feedback on them, you will automatically gain a right to become a much valued beta-customer. That comes with serious perks. The first one is that you can get customizations like UX adjustments fitting your organization's needs, addig datasets you need and we can establis API connections with your existing systems. On top of this, if you decide to become a dearly valued beta-customer, you can purchase our services with a 60% reduction in the first year and with 30% reduction for the second year. Sounds good? Then let's learn what solutions we are about to test!'

What do we do at Targenta?

At Targenta Oy, our motto is simple: "Less Administration for Doctors, More Success for Patients." As an MVP stage company specializing in cloud-based solutions for medical professionals, our mission is to streamline collaboration among healthcare providers. Our vision is to create a secure and effective platform where medical professionals can collectively design optimal patient pathways and medication schedules, irrespective of their geographical locations or schedules. Now, let's delve into the core components of our platform:

Medical Dashboard System

In heathcare, quick and effective communication and collaboration are paramount, especially when multiple medical professionals treating the same patient may be working across different locations or schedules. More often than not, waiting for the next physical or video meeting with a colleague would slow down the patient pathway.

Our cloud-based platform empowers you to organize patient files, engage in meaningful discussions, and collectively plan diagnostics or treatments, all in real-time. You don't have to make mental notes to mention a given case the next time you have the chance to meet your colleague - you can reach out immediately and they can respond as soon as they received your message.

By utilizing the Medical Dashboard System, you not only enhance the quality of patient care but also streamline workflow efficiency. We understand the importance of seamless communication in your daily practice, and our platform is meticulously designed to meet your needs - help us to make it better.

Tailored Treatment Options App

Our Tailored Treatment Options service offers personalized diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations, accelerating decision-making processes. By inputting a patient's conditions (ICD codes), our curated database provides customized recommendations for diagnostics and therapies. This not only cuts down on case-specific research time but also enhances the efficiency of treatment plans, ultimately improving patient care.

PharmaSolv Medication Optimizer App

PharmaSolv is a simple but versatile app designed to simplify medication management and to reduce the risk of drug-drug interactions or redundancies like same compound given in different formats. By inputting a patient's current medications and conditions, PharmaSolv generates organized insights on potential drug interactions, substitute drugs, personalized dosage, and timing. This tool reduces the workload for medical professionals and enhances patient safety by preventing adverse drug interactions and redundant medications.

At Targenta Oy, we take your privacy seriously. Your personal data collected through this pilot study application will only be used for the purposes of providing you access to our platform and gathering feedback related to the pilot study. We do not share your data with third parties. Your information will be securely stored and used solely for the administration of the pilot study. If you choose to tick the box below in the form, you will receive additional information about our services, but no spamming from here.

To whom we recommend

  • Physicians working in private and/or public healtcare instituions or own private practices

  • Nurses, medical and lab assistants and administrative personnel working in private and/or public healtcare instituions or own private practices

  • Medicine and nursing students

  • Medical managers of private and publuc healtcare systems

  • Dentists and oral care practices

  • Pharmacologists working closely with medical teams

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On technical issues, please contact us via admin@targenta.org

On medical and business issues, please contact Lilian ZSÁKAI: lilian.zsakai@targenta.org, +36304284142

  • On technical issues please contact us via admin@targenta.org or via WhatsApp +358 41 7288 443

  • Regarding questions related to the services, buisness development and invoicing please contact Lilian Zsakai via lilian.zsakai@targenta.org or via WhatsApp +358 41 7288 443 or via LinkedIn messaging

Company information:

Full name: Targenta Oy

Year of establishment: 2024

Registered seat: Leija Yrityskeskus, Elannontie 3, 01510, Vantaa

Y-tunnus: 3422405-3

Main activity: 62010 ohjelmistojen suunnittelu ja valmistus (software development)