Personal Medical Condition Summary

This is a highly informative and effective format of Patients’ medical and associated data. It structures the crucial personal information relevant to medical personnel, especially at the first encounter. Patient data is being transformed into an easily processable and printable 1-pager format with which one can easily find medical specialists, since includes every information needed for a briefing before an examination but doesn’t contain any unnecessary data that would distract or otherwise hamper the process. This service is free of charge and the Patient may receive it upon registration.

Personalized Medical Report

This is our software and database centered unique service: a dedicated, unique webpage for your health, or in other words a personalized, interactive online platform containing information on a selection of relevant medical services – fully customized for the Patient’s current condition and needs. This site contains the following elements:

  • A map which displays the locations of the services that could be relevant for the Patient’s current condition. Patients can easily determine how far they intend to travel for the services by giving the area of interest in kilometers from their current location. By clicking a service provider location, you can find the direct contact info and the collection of all services at the given location.

  • A list of services in an easy-to-scan format. Relevant services are grouped by two factors: whether they are diagnostics or therapeutics and which major medical area they belong to. The service groups formed this way have headers and users can open and close them as desired. This helps to keep information overflow at bay and to compare the similar offers based on their detailed information.

  • For each service we provide the following info:

    • price in HUF and EUR (based on the official daily HUF-EUR exchange rate) and payment options

    • contact details (link, phone number)

    • need for referral or hospitalization

    • degree of invasivity

    • medical subcategory

    • possible contraindications based on your conditions and/or medication

    • possible health insurance info

  • A sophisticated filter bar to be able to display custom selections of the medical data

For Personalized Medical Reports, we offer expert reviews as a supplementary service. As part of the expert validation, we provide written comments on the services, highlight the most important opportunities, and explain the relevance of the records in a written format. In this case, you receive a premium version 72 hours after the basic report.

Report analysis with an expert

After receiving a report one can apply for an oral Report Analysis with one of our experts. This interpretation of the results is 30 minutes long. When purchasing this element, one can book a meeting by receiving access to a booking system via e-mail. Customers can choose between phone call (our dedicated expert calls them on the given number at the booked time) or a Zoom meeting. In this case, they will be provided with a link that should be used at the booked time. Users don’t have to install any application on their computer for this. We highly recommend choosing the video-call option, since this way, all participants of the discussion can look at the same material during the meeting using the desktop-sharing function. Please note, that this Service also includes one written “Medical Report - Expert Explanation” service, which means that the Patient can upload one medical report (which is considered the most important at the time of the analysis) and one of our experts will comprehensively reword, analyze and summarize the document.

Complex Patient Pathway Support

This is our most comprehensive and central service designed to Clients who would like to fully understand what their medical records mean and which healthcare pathways are open for them to move forward and would like to get in control of their health as much as possible.

During this process we take the hands of the Client and provide a holistic service which encompasses the analysis of the existing medical reports, the Personalized Medical Report and the prioritization of its records and the design and explaination of the most potent pathways for the Patient.

This service builds up from following elements:

  • Processing of the Patient's medical records: the first step is to extract and match information, like symptoms, diagnosis codes, disease grades, suggested examinations and convert the important parts of the medical imaging files to image format.

  • Team Medical Record Analysis: a General Practitioner, a Pharmacist and a Medical Scientist discuss the information in detail.

  • Generation of your Personalized Medical Report using our proprietary software and medical service database

  • Prioritization of the Report elements and Creation of the Potential Patient Pathways.

  • Providing a Written Summary and compilation of the Personalized Dossier. This Dossier contains the medical record extractions, the Personalized Medical Report, Personalized Medical Condition Summary, the Written Summary with the potent pathways, and the next concrete steps to take.

  • Detailed Consultation of the results via online video call. During the call the Client can talk through every element of the his/her Personalized Dossier and ask questions.

Medical Report Translation

Customers can securely upload medical reports and receive a professional translation in 72 hours. This service currently works in the following language pairs: Hungarian to English, English to Hungarian, German to Hungarian, German to English. Translated medical reports may be important when approaching a novel service provider. Along with the Personal Medical Condition Summary, it could facilitate discussion with medical specialists.

Medical Report - Expert Explanation

By this service the Patient can safely upload a medical report and one of our experts will comprehensively reword, analyze and summarize the document in an easily understandable manner.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Family cards

Bronze cards provide unlimited access to all services for 3 months, Silver cards for 6 months, and Gold cards for 1 year for one person. We also provide Family Cards (unlimited access to all services for a custom number of adults and children for a given period) upon request. The card – besides its cost-effectiveness also empowers its holders to use Beta-phase services which means cardholders can benefit from additional pre-release services.

Loyalty program – how does it work?

Target values Patients’ trust and loyalty, and we would like to show that. Every Personalized Medical Report contains 2 unique codes. The first code is for the Report owner and gives 25% off from the cost of the next purchase. The second code is a gift for somebody who may benefit from our services. When Customers send that code to someone using our application, the chosen person will also have 25% off from his or her first purchase and the code-donor receives 2000 HUF credit for his or her next purchase. The discounts are valid for the cards, too!


Price HUF
Price EUR
Personal Medical Condition Summary
Personalized Medical Report – Immediate
14.900 HUF
42 EUR
Personalized Medical Report – Expert validated report
17.900 HUF
52 EUR
Report analysis with an expert
5.900 HUF
17 EUR
Medical Report Translation
8.900 HUF per report
25 EUR per report
Medical Report - Expert Analysis
8.900 HUF per report
25 EUR per report
Bronze card – unlimited access to all services for 3 months
75.000 HUF
215 EUR
Silver card – unlimited access to all services for 6 months
119.000 HUF
345 EUR
Gold card – unlimited access to all services for 1 year
199.000 HUF
570 EUR
Family Card – unlimited access to all services for– upon request, e.g. for 2 adults and 2 children for 1 year
299.000 HUF
850 EUR